Al Iraqi 1966

Baghdad College ( secondary school age 12-17) represented the spirit of the age during which it existed , 1932 to 1968. As time ends the lives of those who built the college and of those of us who are still alive and graduated from it, and as perhaps one day the bricks that housed it crumble or are bulldozed the year book Al-Iraqi shall remain as document to what Iraq was like and what hopes and aspirations it had. My review is on the year book I graduated, but my comments covers all the years those great Jesuit teachers managed to run their creation.Many American school books have been published before and since; Each documents the life of those who lived those years and as such have their place history, yet this school year book is bigger than itself as it a window into mid 20th century Baghdad and Iraq. Many of the students graduated from Baghdad College have acknowledged places in history of Iraqi national and international politics, science, engineering, medicine journalism, and literature. These journals will register in their lives. Thus it will be read and reread. As a graduated of 1966, I salute those who make it possible for me and many of us to revisit our youth
Baghdad College in Baghdad, Iraq, was administered by the New England Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) from 1932-1969. El Iraqi was published as the first yearbook in 1940. The yearbook title El Iraqi was used until 1951 when it became Al Iraqi. There is no yearbook for 1941 in this digitized collection.

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Al Iraqi 1966


Baghdad College

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